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The government proposes to re-launch the direct benefits transfer (DBT) scheme in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distribution. However, it did not clarify whether the benefit transfer would be linked t...
With FICAM’s decision to approve as an accredited Credential Service Provider last Thursday, the company joins the likes of Symantec and Verizon by enabling American citizens to easily and sec...
Smart Employee Benefits Inc. is a technology company providing, via a SaaS business model, "business processes software solutions and services" to corporate and government clients with speci...
The Abbott government remains committed to subsidising the rollout of fast broadband in rural areas despite a cost-benefit analysis finding the economic and social benefits of doing so are dwarfed by ...
More Americans than ever before are tapping government benefits. But this time the baby boomers may be responsible for the slight uptick.
VIDEO: Stunning number of Americans receiving government assistance Food stamp fraud rampant, GAO report finds VIDEO: States pushing work requirement for food stamp recipients VIDEO: Large percentage ...
The government plans to increase retirement benefits instead of reducing retirement pensions in a public official pension reform.
Further evidence of a surge in immigration to the UK from within the European Union (EU) has undermined the Government's bid to keep a lid on new arrivals to the country.
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